I am an extremely talented and efficient scorer. In every league I have played in, I have scored close to a point per minute of play and shot over 50% from the field. I am an athletic player with a 38 inch (96.52 cm) vertical jump who can get to the basket and finish in the half court or in transition. I am great at drawing contact and getting to the line and converting on those opportunities. I am also am a great offensive rebounder for my height. Because of my great leaping ability and knack for pursuing the ball, I typically average over 10 rebounds per game. I am also a great shooter from any range on the court, from behind the arc or in the mid range. I am great at running the pick and roll, with a knack for shooting and scoring off the screen. I am also great at setting and using off ball screens to score and create opportunities for my teammates.


I am a scrappy player on defense. I get into my man and shut him down. I have great anticipation, especially playing the passing lanes. I understand help defense principles and where to position myself on the floor in relationship to my man and the ball. I am frequently called on to guard the other team’s best offensive player and I take pride in doing so. I also rebound on the defensive end very well for my size.


I am also a very smart player who has a great feel for the game, when to score and when to distribute. I am always looking to improve, so I am very coachable. I take time to talk and get to know my teammates and coaches and make a positive impact in any environment that I am a part of. I also take my own personal learning very seriously and spend a voracious amount of time reading and learning from books and other sources and impacting others lives from what I am learning. I have spent a lot of time performing community services activities in neighborhoods, hospitals, as well as in organizations.

I also have extensive experience coaching and training younger players, so I would love the opportunity to coach any of your younger clubs or women’s clubs in addition to fulfilling my responsibilities as a player. I have coached a 2nd grade team at the YMCA, summer camps in high school and college, as well as coaching my high school JV summer team. I am currently coaching in the Oshkosh Hoops AAU program. I also have spent numerous hours training players 1 on 1 as well as developing personalized training programs for players both in person as well as online focusing on areas such as skill training, strength training, vertical jump development, nutrition, mental toughness and goal setting.

Future Goals

I have overcome many obstacles in my career such as injuries and disappointing seasons and I have persevered and continued to improve year after year. I take this game very seriously and nothing brings me more joy then pushing myself daily to improve and bringing myself into a team setting to help them win.

The opportunity to play professional basketball abroad is a life-long dream of mine and one I am eager to fulfill. I feel like the opportunity to play for your club would be invaluable. I really love the game of basketball and I am ready to play for your team and make an immediate impact.

Combine Testing

Height: 6’2” (187.96 cm)

Weight: 180 lbs. (81.65 kg)

Hand Length: 8.125” (20.64 cm)

Hand Width: 8.5” (21.59 cm)

Wingspan: 74.125” (188.28 cm)

Standing Vertical Jump: 32.7” (83.06 cm)

Max Vertical Jump: 38.1” (96.78 cm)

5-Star Shooting: 9 Threes In 60 Seconds

Spot Up Shooting 3’s: 78/100


Varsity team MVP (2009-2010, Sophomore, Valley Christian HS)

7th in state of Wisconsin (USA) in RPG (2009-2010, Sophomore, Valley Christian HS)

2nd Team All-Conference (2010-2011, Junior, Valley Christian HS)

Neenah Streetball Slam Dunk Contest Runner-Up (2011)

1st Team All-Conference (2011-2012, Senior, Valley Christian HS)

WCC State Champ (2012-2013, Freshman, UW-Fox Valley)

Leading Offensive Rebounder on College Team (2012-2013, Freshman, UW-Fox Valley)

Leading Scorer YMCA Men’s League at 25.85 PPG (Summer 2013)

Back-to-Back WCC State Champ (2013-2014, Sophomore, UW-Fox Valley)

Leading Percentage Free Throw Shooter on College Team at 92% (2013-2014, Sophomore, UW-Fox Valley)

Leading Scorer in OMCL (23 PPG) & League MVP (2014)

Leading Scorer in OMCL (20.5 PPG) & 3-Point Shootout Champion (2015)

Leading Scorer in OMCL (23 PPG) & Back-to-Back 3-Point Shootout Champion (2016)

2nd Annual Our Savior Lutheran Champions (Green Bay, WI, USA, 2016)


Matt is a focused, hard working, team leader that I coached at Valley Christian High School. His knowledge of the game and highest level of integrity helped establish our program. Great athlete, even more amazing person!”

Greg Jonas, Former Boys’ Basketball Coach, Valley Christian HS


Phone: 1 (920) 277-9086

Matt was a tremendous asset for us at UWFOX during his two seasons. His individual offensive skills were very good and he had great ability to attack 1×1 off the dribble and in transition. He was our best free-throw shooter, which was great because his ability to attack the basket helped him earn trips there, and he was also a terrific offensive rebounder. Had better than average jumping ability and was able to gather and get up quickly.”

Lee Rabas, Former Head Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Wisconsin – Fox Valley


Phone: 1 (920) 209-6062

Matt’s basketball knowledge combined with his dedication and hard work ethic make him an excellent basketball private coach for our son. Matt has put in tireless hours himself perfecting his game and is able to transfer that knowledge when coaching.”

John Schiek, Owner of Schiek Sports Inc.

Phone: 1 (920) 203-9287

Contact Info


USA Phone: 1 (920) 573-4166

Skype: mattlehner13